Takeaways From Day 10 of the Derek Chauvin Trial

One of the crucial anticipated witnesses of Derek Chavin’s trial, the Hennepin County health worker who carried out the preliminary post-mortem of George Floyd, testified on Friday that whereas police restraint was the primary reason behind Mr. Floyd’s demise, drug use and coronary heart illness had been contributing elements.

The health worker, Dr. Andrew Baker, declared Mr. Floyd’s demise a murder in his post-mortem, however had made a number of statements main as much as the trial that might have difficult the arguments of the prosecution, significantly in relation to Mr. Floyd’s drug use. In all, his testimony maintained that Mr. Chauvin’s actions — pinning Mr. Floyd to the road for 9 and a half minutes — had been the first causes of demise.

Jurors additionally heard from Dr. Lindsey Thomas, a forensic pathologist who helped practice Dr. Baker. Throughout her testimony, Dr. Thomas stated she believed that Mr. Floyd died from a deprivation of oxygen brought on by the restraint of Mr. Chauvin, the previous police officer charged with murdering Mr. Floyd. Listed here are the highlights from Day 10 of the trial.

  • Although a number of contributing elements might have contributed to Mr. Floyd’s demise, Dr. Baker stated he believed that the first reason behind demise was the identical as he wrote in his preliminary post-mortem: “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating legislation enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.” In less complicated phrases, Dr. Baker stated that Mr. Floyd wouldn’t have died had been if not for the actions of Mr. Chauvin. Nonetheless, he stated that the compounding elements, together with coronary heart illness, performed a job as nicely. Dr. Baker agreed with a press release from the protection that methamphetamine was arduous on the center; a toxicology report discovered methamphetamine and fentanyl in Mr. Floyd’s system, and tablet fragments discovered on the scene contained the identical medicine. Dr. Baker stated he discovered no tablet fragments in Mr. Floyd’s abdomen.

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