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“The plots of God are good. The universe is a plot of God.” – Edgar Allan Poe

The concept man can play God is the peak of human conceit. The sheer enormity and class of the universe renders the concept that its as much as the ‘genius’ of puny little man to save lots of the world from imminent ecological catastrophe, a ridiculous burlesque. Mom Earth has shaken many nice civilizations off her again over the ages and when she tires of us she’s going to do the identical.

Sure associates, within the huge scheme of issues trendy man’s understanding of the universe is similar to a dung beetle’s comprehension of algebra, and don’t let any lab coat-wearing boffin persuade you in any other case. Our brightest and greatest may toil within the fields of scientific examine for millennia with out ever penetrating a fraction of nature’s mysteries.

This doesn’t imply that we aren’t imagined to be good stewards of God’s creation whereas we’re right here, after all. It merely implies that man ought to perceive his place within the Universe and act accordingly. Humility is a requisite advantage on our path via life.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop the dweeby alarmist Invoice Gates from bestowing the mantle of Godhood upon himself and technologically overriding nature’s chic features in his campaign to ‘save the world’ from imaginary phantoms. Saving the world from the likes of Invoice Gates could be a extra worthy pursuit, I reckon.

Few are extra fitted to the comedian ebook position of deranged geek hell-bent on world domination than Gates. Whether or not via vaccines, GMO’s, A.I. or Geoengineering, on the subject of tampering with God’s divine work, Invoice Gates has his fingers (and sometimes his entire face) in lots of pies. Clearly, there are numerous causes to be cautious of his huge affect.

Addition by Subtraction?

By his personal admission, [1] Gates needs to drastically scale back the world’s inhabitants. I’m certain on-line worldwide fact-checkers will guarantee you this isn’t so, however it might be silly to belief them as they too are bankrolled by the Invoice and Melinda Gates Basis. Because the 2nd century Roman poet Juvenal requested: ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?‘ Apparently, Gates’ father, William Gates Sr., as soon as headed Deliberate Parenthood – a company born out of the eugenics motion.

In 2009, Gates gathered collectively a bunch of billionaires in New York to debate methods of ‘shrinking the inhabitants.’ Amongst his illustrious company had been Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett and David Rockefeller. London’s Sunday Instances reported on the occasion, saying: “Taking their cue from Gates, they agreed overpopulation was a precedence.”

Evidently, the Marvel supervillain and his ‘Guidestone Groupies’ [2] imagine the earth has too many ‘ineffective eaters’ dwelling on it. So isn’t it peculiar that he’s now operating round attempting to ”save billions of lives” together with his COVID vaccines, whereas on the similar time attempting to “finish world starvation” with faux meat and soil-destroying GMO crops? One thing doesn’t fairly move the scent take a look at. Both he believes the earth is overpopulated – a place supported by his phrases and deeds – or he’s attempting to save lots of billions of lives. It’s one or the opposite, it will possibly’t be each. Maybe his disturbing monitor document in locations like Africa can assist resolve the riddle and shed some gentle on his true motives.

Massive Farma

It’s been extensively reported that Gates now owns a majority of America’s farmland with nearly 250,000 acres to his identify. The information that a lot of America’s fertile soil is within the palms of a bona fide psychopath ought to fear all people. An analogous state of affairs led to untold devastation within the Ukraine through the days of Soviet terror when murderous rogues took absolute management of the land. This little-known incident, buried within the over-stuffed vaults of Bolshevik barbarity, is named The Holodomor.

The Holodomor (actually “demise by starvation”), was a man-made famine perpetrated by the Soviet regime that killed hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians between 1932 and 1933. Though the Ukrainian soil was able to considerable manufacturing, as soon as it grew to become the property of Stalin’s Communist occasion his commissars diverted meals from the Ukrainian peasants, restricted their actions, and positioned them on tight rations hardly appropriate to maintain life.

As well as, the Communists confiscated their foodstuffs and sentenced to demise anybody discovered to be hording meals. Cannibalism grew to become widespread on this interval with over 2,500 individuals being convicted for it in simply two years. In 2003, the United Nations issued an announcement estimating that 7-10 million individuals perished as a direct results of the Soviet hunger program.

I summarize this grisly account for instance what can occur when soulless individuals situate themselves at essential nodal factors throughout the nationwide physique. It might be extraordinarily naive to suppose it couldn’t occur right here, because the potential for unbridled management over the lots by this one man is great. He has ingratiated himself into nearly each avenue vital for guiding the future of our nation. Energy of this magnitude could be horrifying sufficient within the palms of Mom Teresa, however turns into one thing else solely when held by somebody as unhinged as Invoice ‘Block Out the Solar’ Gates. What makes this shut private pal of Jeffrey Epstein suppose he’s entitled to play God with our lives? Why will we let him? If left unchecked, his hubris may have penalties past something we are able to think about.

The Finish Recreation

From the outset I’ve suspected all the COVID pandemic was deliberate by particular individuals for the aim of destroying civil liberties. As with most issues that serve the elite agenda, Gates has been carefully linked to the pandemic proper from the get-go.

In October, 2019, two months earlier than the primary outbreak, The Invoice and Melinda Gates Basis organized a high-level train known as ‘Occasion 201’ in consort with the World Financial Discussion board and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg College of Public Well being. The drill simulated a coronavirus pandemic and rehearsed the coordinated response wanted by governments and personal companies to cope with it, together with the best way to handle information protection, tackle ‘conspiracy theories,’ and rollout a vaccine.

Are we to imagine that is some sort of a coincidence?

Gates and his ‘Guidestone Group’ need to centralize management into fewer and fewer palms in step with the WEF’s ‘Nice Reset.’ The pandemic has afforded them the chance to do it on a staggering scale. The world they envision is one wherein an unelected elite rule over a technologically oppressed inhabitants a fraction the scale of right now’s, comprised of individuals whose livelihoods are solely dependent upon the State. Use of land can be closely restricted to ‘defend wildlife’ and freedom of motion can be a factor of the previous. The contours of this world are already manifesting earlier than our eyes with freedom-busting measures like lockdowns, curfews, and the Gates-advocated COVID passport. [3]

Not are such apprehensions the unique area of untamed ‘conspiracy theorists.’

Dr. Mike Yeadon is a former Vice President of Allergy and Respiratory Illness at Pfizer. He has spent over 30 years working for giant pharmaceutical firms and is a number one skilled on viral respiratory infections. Dr. Yeadon has acknowledged repeatedly in current interviews that he believes the primary goal of the COVID vaccine marketing campaign is depopulation. In an interview with Christian web site, Yeadon acknowledged:

“It’s develop into completely clear to me, even after I discuss to clever individuals, associates, acquaintances … and so they can inform I’m telling them one thing vital, however they get to the purpose [where I say] ‘your authorities is mendacity to you in a approach that might result in your demise and that of your youngsters,’ and so they can’t start to have interaction with it. And I feel possibly 10% of them perceive what I mentioned, and 90% of these clean their understanding of it as a result of it’s too troublesome. And my concern is, we’re going to lose this, as a result of individuals is not going to cope with the chance that anybody is so evil…

“However I remind you of what occurred in Russia within the twentieth Century, what occurred in 1933 to 1945, what occurred in, you recognize, Southeast Asia in a few of the most terrible instances within the post-war period. And, what occurred in China with Mao and so forth….

“We’ve solely obtained to look again two or three generations. Throughout us there are people who find themselves as unhealthy because the individuals doing this. They’re throughout us. So, I say to of us, the one factor that basically marks this one out, is its scale.

“However truly, that is most likely much less bloody, it’s much less private, isn’t it? The people who find themselves steering this … it’s going to be a lot simpler for them. They don’t must shoot anybody within the face. They don’t must beat somebody to demise with a baseball bat, or freeze them, starve them, make them work till they die. All of these issues did occur two or three generations again… That’s how shut we’re.

“And all I’m saying is, some shifts like which are taking place once more, however now they’re utilizing molecular biology.”

Humanity has reached a fork within the street. Both we stand as much as pathological liars like Gates and his henchman Tony Fauci, and cease letting them drag us round by the nostril like cattle; or we sit again, tuck our faces away in masks and permit ourselves to be led down the twisted path to a degenerate future, a path culminating in what Elizabeth I’s astrologer Dr. John Dee prophesied because the Reign of Lifeless Matter. [4]


1.) In 2011, Gates advised CNN: “The advantages [of vaccines] are there when it comes to lowering illness, lowering inhabitants progress.” Slip of the tongue? Uncertain. One 12 months earlier, throughout a 2010 Ted Speak he mentioned, “The world right now has 6.8 billion individuals, that’s headed as much as 9 billion. If we do a extremely nice job on new vaccines, well being care, reproductive well being companies, we may decrease that by maybe ten or fifteen %.” A wierd truth: Even when we settle for that the world inhabitants is certainly 7 billion (and there are good causes to doubt it’s that prime), in response to statistics put forth by Nationwide Geographic, all of the individuals of the world may match inside Los Angeles.

2.) The mysterious ‘Georgia Guidestones’ are a monument in Elbert County, Georgia made up of 5 granite slabs, every inscribed with instructions for rebuilding civilization after some apocalyptic occasion. These instructions are written in eight completely different languages, together with English, Hebrew, Hindi and Swahili. There may be additionally a message sandblasted onto the capstone saying “Let these be guidestones to an age of purpose,” in Babylonian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, classical Greek and historical Sanskrit. Often called ‘America’s Stonehenge,’ the monument incorporates a sequence of holes that align exactly with numerous actions of the solar and stars. The Guidestones had been commissioned by somebody in 1979 utilizing the pseudonym R.C. Christian, which seems to be a reference to Christian Rosenkreutz, the legendary founding father of the Rosicrucian Order. One of many instructions inscribed on the monument is “Preserve Humanity Beneath 500,000,000 In Perpetual Stability With Nature.”

3.) Microsoft owns a patent for a cryptocurrency system which includes mining ‘physique exercise knowledge’ to speak with an exterior server. Ominously sufficient, the patent quantity is 060606. The parallel with Revelation 13:17-18 is difficult to disregard: “And that no man may purchase or promote, save he that had the mark, or the identify of the beast, or the variety of his identify. Right here is knowledge. Let him that hath understanding rely the variety of the beast: for it’s the variety of a person; and his quantity is 600 threescore and 6.” May Microsoft’s cryptocurrency system be that very mark with out which no man could purchase or promote?

4.) Cf. Hoffman, Michael A., Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare; Unbiased Historical past and Analysis (2001)

W.M. Peterson

Thanks for studying. I hope that I have been in a position to produce some info and concepts that too usually go unmentioned in our nation’s managed press. This lack of trustworthy journalism on the a part of our MSM has contributed to what can greatest be described as a nationwide nervous breakdown and the imposition of a consensus-based hive thoughts that’s usually at whole variance with actuality. I imagine that trustworthy ‘guerilla reporting’ can assist emancipate our individuals from this infernal deception. For extra writings go to my weblog ‘A Second Look’ at

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