DEBUNKED | Listed below are the highest 5 local weather change myths

  • The COP26 local weather is on 31 October.
  • Local weather change threatens people.
  • There’s strain for leaders to behave.

As world leaders put together for the COP26 local weather summit from 31 October, AFP Reality Verify examines some frequent claims that query the existence of world heating attributable to people.

‘It is a hoax / conspiracy’

Some model the disaster a hoax by scientists to justify their analysis grants – or perhaps a conspiracy by governments to regulate folks. 

If that’s the case, it must be one in all extraordinary complexity, coordinated by successive governments in scores of nations with huge numbers of scientists.

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Tens of hundreds of peer-reviewed research within the public area have led to an amazing scientific consensus that human-made local weather change is actual. 

Essentially the most complete such supply is the Intergovernmental Panel on Local weather Change (IPCC). Removed from being a covert operation, its proof and strategies are printed at

Its newest report, 3 500 pages lengthy launched this 12 months, was accepted by delegates from 195 states. It lists 234 authors from 66 international locations as contributors.

The panel was based beneath a UN decision, which offers gas for conspiracy theorists however gives proof of its bona fides for different folks.

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‘Local weather has all the time modified’

Scientists know the Earth has lengthy alternated between ice ages and durations of warming – about one ice age each 100 000 years over the previous million years. Is the present heating simply one other stage on this cycle?

No – the velocity, relative abruptness and world extent of the heating over the previous 50 years make it completely different this time.

The IPCC says, with graphs to show:

World floor temperature has elevated sooner since 1970 than in every other 50-year interval over at the very least the final 2 000 years.

That is primarily based on a number of types of knowledge: palaeological evaluation of sediment, ice and tree rings for the interval earlier than the Industrial Revolution, and recorded temperatures since 1850.

‘No proof of human trigger’

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As proof of bizarre warming has grow to be incontrovertible, some sceptics concede it’s occurring however deny it’s attributable to the carbon emissions from people burning fossil fuels.

The IPCC developed a local weather mannequin that measures the affect of various elements. It calculates the extent of heating with and with out the impact of human exercise.

This 12 months’s IPCC report concluded:

It’s unequivocal that human affect has warmed the ambiance, ocean and land.

A abstract of this discovering, with graphs, is on web page eight of this doc.

‘Slightly warming is sweet’

“Giant elements of the nation are affected by super quantities of snow and close to record-setting chilly…. Would not be dangerous to have a bit of that good quaint world warming proper now!”

Donald Trump’s tweet on 20 January blended a typical local weather fantasy – that chilly climate is proof towards local weather heating – with the idea that even when warming is occurring, it is not all dangerous.

Local weather Miles individuals and members from the Grandparents for Local weather organisation are posing for the cameras exterior of the station, earlier than the Local weather Miles individuals depart from the Rotterdam station to COP26 in Glasgow.


Justice and Peace artist Greg Mitchell completes his climate-crisis themed mural that depicts the Earth on hearth.

Local weather is a measure of common climate variations over time. Sooner or later or one week of snow is subsequently not sufficient to show that common temperatures will not be rising over a long time.

May “a bit world warming” be good? 

Components of Siberia may grow to be arable, increasing meals sources – however the melting of permafrost in the identical area threatens to create extra issues.

A 2° rise could sound nice sufficient – however the IPCC calculates that it is sufficient to drive up the extent of the seas by half a metre or extra, sufficient to drown coastal cities.

‘Scientists query local weather change’

Specialists usually voice scepticism, signing joint statements and editorials. However an examination of their credentials in quite a few instances has revealed that these are not often local weather scientists.

Amongst scientists’ standards for measuring the legitimacy of claims, some of the necessary is consensus – and the consensus on local weather change is now overwhelming.

A current survey by Cornell College of hundreds of peer-reviewed research on local weather change discovered that in additional than 99% of them the authors agreed that local weather change was attributable to people.

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